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"Poor Niagra" were the words uttered by Eleanor Roosevelt when she visited this spectacular natural wonder.  Undoubtedly, the Iguazú waterfalls are the most beautiful falls on the planet. Surrounded by subtropical vegetation, they are part of the Iguazú National Park. This majestic whim of nature, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, is made up by 275 falls which can reach up to 70 meters of height, scattered in a semi-circular shape and offering a fascinating spectacle. This natural scenery, where vestiges of ancient Jesuit missions may still be appreciated, is presented to the visitors' eyes as one of the most wonderful experiences, where all the senses and emotions take part.

The high temperatures and the moisture in the environment turn this area into a huge greenhouse that gathers the essential conditions to shelter more than 400 bird species, almost 2,000 vegetable species, among which there is a large diversity of orchids, ferns and the typical palo rosa, as well as countless insects, such as the outstanding large and colorful butterflies. All this turns this park into one of the richest biomas on earth. The fauna includes several endangered species, such as the jaguar, monkeys, alligators, snakes, tapirs and the funny coatíes that approach tourists in search for some fruit.


The waterfalls may be visited on foot, as there are easily accessed circuits with footbridges specially built for such purpose. Crossing bridges, stairs and trails teeming with vegetation, the magnificent views can be enjoyed both from the lower ground and from the heights, when the maximum point of amazement is reached:


The Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat)

There is a vantage point in that spot. And, although most people get a little wet, it is worth the while getting to this place in order to perceive the magnificence of the waters in their fall. This 80-meter-high cliff presents one of the most spectacular falls which, along with the rainbow formation, proposes an amazing scenery.

In addition to the Devil's Throat, the best-known falls are the Bozetti, Two Sisters, San Martín, Adam and Eve, Tres Mosqueteros and Rivadavia.

During the nights of full moon, special tours are organized to have a glimpse of the rainbow formed by the moonlight.

These images probably don't do this amazing destination any justice, and we're not sure if this video even does!!  Seeing is believing!  On any tour to Argentina a visit to the Iguazú waterfalls is a must.


A couple of suggested itineraries for Iguazú:


Iguazú Falls - Argentina2 NIGHT TOUR ITINERARY

Day 1: Transfer from local airport to hotel - Brazilian side Tour
Day 2: Argentinian side full day tour
Day 3: Transfer from hotel to Iguazú Airport


Day 1: Transfer from local airport to hotel
Day 2: Brazilian side Tour (free afternoon)
Day 3: Argentinian side full day tour
Day 4: Transfer from hotel to Iguazú Airport

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Your tour packages would include everything mentioned above. You also have the option of half-board accommodation as well as optional excursions such as a speedboat ride to the falls, and helicopter ride over the falls. As ATOL bonded agents we can also arrange your flights to Iguazú.

Our preferred hotels in Iguazú:

Our 3 Star HotelHotel Carmen

Our 4 Star HotelHotel Esturión

Our 5 Star choiceAmerian Portal del Iguazú Hotel

Accommodation at alternative hotels can be arranged.  Please contact with your preferred options.