Perito Moreno Glacier - El Calafate - Patagonia - Argentina

El Calafate


Perito Moreno Glacier - El Calafate - ArgentinaEl Calafate is a pleasant little town in Patagonia situated close to some of the best walking trails in all of South America.  However, it is best known for its proximity to the colossal Perito Moreno Glacier - an ancient and spectacular glacier that creaks and crumbles as it continues to edge forth down the mountain.  The glacier, which is over 30,000 years old, is one of only a handful of glaciers around the world that continue to grow despite global warming.  This world famous glacier was recently featured on Brian Cox's BBC documentary series Wonders of the Universe.


There are many ways of enjoying this incredible natural wonder, though it is perhaps best to start by taking a few moments to sit down and take in its sheer vastness - most visitors are dumbstruck upon seeing it for the first time.  Once you've enjoyed it from afar, we can then take you for a closer look on one of the following excursions:


Boat Cruise - This cruise promises to be a cruise like no other you'll have been on in the past, as you make your way across the lake towards the glacier.  As you approach it, the glacier will tower above you and you will hear groaning and cracking noises as the massive entity advances bit by bit.  From time to time, you will watch huge chunks of ice fall from the glacier and smash into the water from a safe distance on the boat.


Mini Trekking - Perito Moreno Glacier - El Calafate - ArgentinaMini Trekking - This excursion will give you the unique opportunity to actually set foot on the Perito Moreno Glacier!  For the trek, you will be given crampons (special spikes that can be attached to your walking boots) and will be given a packed lunch to be enjoyed on top of the glacier.  The walk itself is a surreal trek along a spotless white surface with incredible ice shapes and jagged blueish white spires.




A suggested itinerary for El Calafate:



Day 1: Transfer from local airport to hotel - free day in El Calafate to enjoy at your leisure.

Day 2: Tour to Perito Moreno glacier.  Optional activities include boat cruise or mini-trekking.

Day 3: Free day for optional activities:  Optional tour to El Chaltén to see the world famous Fitz Roy peaks.  Activities include trekking or a cruise on Lake Viedma.

Day 4: Transfer from hotel to airport and onwards to your next destination!


Our Comments:

Perito Moreno Glacier - El Calafate - ArgentinaYour tour packages would include everything mentioned above. Your hotel will always include breakfast.  You also have the option of half-board accommodation as well as optional excursions e.e. the Mini-trekking excursions,where you have a chance to walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier.  This comes highly recommended!  As ATOL bonded agents we can also arrange your flights to El Calafate.



Our preferred hotels in El Calafate:

3 Star option Sierra Nevada Hotel
4 Star option - Mirador del Lago
5 Star option - Los Sauces Casa

Suggested Excurions:

Day trekking in El Chaltén - "Chaltén" is a Tehuelche word meaning 'smoking mountain', as they believed it was a volcano due to the fact that its peak is most of the time covered by clouds. Other visited popular trails and sights are Torre Glacier, Laguna Capri, Piedras Blancas Glacier, Chorrillo del Salto and Laguna de los Tres. Includes transportation, guide and packed lunch).


Boat trip on Lake Viedma - One of the most impressive boat trips in Argentina, you will enjoy a stunning view of the Andes and experience the sheer vastness of this unique landscape as you explore the lake. Includes transportation to the lake.