Buenos Aires by night - Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Not only is Buenos Aires one of the world's most cosmopolitan and exciting cities, it is also one of its most unique.  Combining the charm of old with the energy of the modern, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to start or end a tour of Argentina, and there is so much to do here you could even spend your entire holiday in the city!  When you experience the chic café and bar culture, and marvel at the impressive architecture, you will soon see why Buenos Aires is referred to as the "Paris of South America".


Perhaps the most famous aspect of Buenos Aires is the sensual and sexy tango dance, which developed in the working class neighbourhoods of the city.  After its popularity was briefly dented by laws preventing public gatherings during the era of the military government, there has been a phenomenal resurgence in recent decades and the dance has returned to its place as the beating heart of Buenos Aires.  Tango Tours can take you to one of the many milongas of Buenos Aires, and we can even arrange tango lessons for those wanting to brush up their skills or get a basic grounding in order to impress the handsome men or attractive ladies of Buenos Aires!


Suggested Excursions and Activities


City tour - A great way to discover the beauty and magic of Buenos Aires. Starting from Colón Theatre, we will visit the iconic Obelisco, the Plaza de Mayo, Metropolitan Cathedral, Government House, the Cabildo and the Municipality.

Congress - Buenos Aires - ArgentinaWe will then continue our journey southwards, walking along the old cobbled streets of San Telmo: the “Tango” district.  Carrying on in the same direction we will reach La Boca, where we will visit Caminito, to see some of the most popular and iconic colourful streets of Buenos Aires, and then the Boca Jrs Soccer Stadium. Our tour will then continue northwards, and upon visiting the old port you will see how the city has changed over the years. In Puerto Madero we will be greeted by a panoramic view. In Retiro / San Martín Sq. we will join Libertador Ave. We will then visit Palermo, a residential neighborhood with many parks and elegant buildings, such as the San Martiniano Institute, foreign embassies, museums and noteworthy monuments. Finally, we will visit: El Rosedal, Carta Magna Monument and the Zoo.


After stopping for lunch, we will enter into the newer parts of Buenos Aires, and you will see the first hand the development and growth that the city has undergone. In the exclusive neighbourhood of Puerto Madero we will cross the regenerated docks by bridge and will see modern and architecturally impressive buildings that border the ecological reserve.  Palermo Soho is the epicentre of shopping and is one of Buenos Aires's older neighbourhoods. Here you will find avant-garde clothes, top restaurants and trendy cafés. We will then visit Palermo Hollywood which is known for its excellentcuisine, film sets and OFF theatres. Las Cañitas is one of the most expensive areas in terms of housing, and there is an attractive gastronomic centre next to the polo stadium. This is surely the best way to learn the history, and both the old and the modern charms of the great city of Buenos Aires!


Tango show - A chance to see the iconic Argentine dance performed by highly skilled professionals who never fail to impress as the pairs weave in between each other with all the elegance and sexiness that characterises this most famous of dances.  After having seen some of the street dancers in San Telmo on the city tour, your visit to Buenos Aires would not be complete without a chance to see some of the best dancers in Argentina don their very finest suits and dresses and raise the bar even higher! The show will also include dinner and transfers.


Gauchos - ArgentinaVisit an Estancia - While the tango dance might epitomise urban Argentina better than anything else, the enigmatic and rugged figure of the gaucho is undoubtedly the biggest icon of rural Argentina.  No other figure in Argentine figure represents complete freedom better than the legendary gaucho, who feels more at home riding through the vast and expansive Argentine landscapes on horseback than on foot.  And what better way to experience the gaucho lifestyle for a day than to take a short trip outside the city to an estancia, set in the pleasant countryside outside Buenos Aires? Your visit will include a delicious asado meal and an impressive folkloric gaucho show performed on horseback.