Sports & Activity Holidays in Argentina


Outdoor activities in Argentina

With hundreds of miles of mountains and a plethora of diverse terrains and climates, Argentina is a great place to do outdoor sports, and there is something for every taste.  The tumultuous rivers of Patagonia provide an excellent opportunity for whitewater rafting, with many different grade rivers to suit individual abilities.  These rivers, along with the abundant crystal-clear lakes of the Argentine Lake District around Bariloche, are also great for fishing - we have an exclusive fishing tour to this region led by the distinguished fishing champion Hywel Morgan.


Those who enjoy trekking in the great outdoors will be perfectly at home trekking in Argentina, the only difficulty is choosing a spot in which to hike when there are literally hundreds and hundreds of miles of awe-inspiring peaks, valleys and slopes along the Andes Mountain chain.  As if exploring these snow-capped leviathans were not enough, there are also scenic walks along the rugged wilderness around Ushuaia in the southern tip, strolls past colonies of elephant seals and whale watching in the arid terrain of Peninsula Valdés, and treks through the bright and colourful terrain of the northwest, which is an indigenous heartland.  Do you like the idea of horse riding in Argentina? Those who want a more authentic gaucho experience can enjoy a magical horse ride across the Andes - stopping for the occasional maté break, of course.


The most popular of the outdoor activities we offer is skiing, and who can blame people for choosing Argentina as their skiing destination?  World-class ski facilities and slopes with dazzlingly beautiful views combine with the hospitality and energy of the Argentine people to make any skiing in Argentina a truly memorable experience.  There's something for all ages and abilities, including skiing lessons for those not confident enough to hit the slopes on their own, and we even run Ski and Wine tours for those who want to spend half their holiday skiing, and the other half relaxing at local Mendoza vineyards with a glass of locally produced wine (see our Wine Route Tours sister website for more information).


Do you enjoy motorbiking?  If so, Argentina has hundreds of miles of picturesque roads just waiting for you.  Organising a motorcycle tour in Argentina can be daunting if you don't know where to begin, but don't worry - we can do all the hard work for you so all you need to do is hit the road!  See our information about motorbiking in Argentina.


Field sports

Being one of the top four football playing nations in the world, most Argentines are passionate about football, and club teams such as Boca Juniors and River Plate have an international following.  If your tour coincides with a match, we can take you to see your favourite club play for an authentic Argentine football experience.  We have more information on our football in Argentina page.


Though it has for many years been an underdog in the world of rugby, Argentina has in recent years been increasingly successful on the rugby pitch - this is a trend that looks likely to continue, as Argentina is set to join South Africa, New Zealand and Australia in a Southern-Hemisphere equivalent of the Six Nations Tournament.  We can take you to watch a rugby game in Argentina, and if you play in a local team and would like to organise a rugby tour, why not get in touch with us?  Please see our sister site, Argentina Rugby for more information.


For those who enjoy golf, Argentina is an undiscovered gem that will not disappoint.  You can enjoy playing at exclusive clubs located in the pleasant, undulating hills outside Buenos Aires, or even at the foot of the dramatic Andes Mountains at the picturesque Chapelco course.  Those who really want a memorable experience at one of the most breathtaking locations in the world can stay at Llao Llao hotel - a luxury hotel in an unspeakably beautiful location which is a tourist attraction in its own right.  If you would like more information about golf in Argentina, please visit our sister website, Argentina Golf.