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While South America is undoubtedly a land of fascinating cultures and history, for a great many people who visit this enchanting continent it is the diverse wildlife and unique nature that stays with them more than anything.


From giant condors that circle above the windswept rocks of the Andes, to monkeys and birds that emit strange shrills and shrieks in the lush rainforests, there is a bit of everything in this vast and varied landscape.  Those wanting to see these fascinating creatures with their own eyes need look no further, as we can offer nature packages to suit your needs in many different areas of Argentina.


In Argentina you will find the following habitats:


Misiones and Iguazú Falls - This warm jungle region is home to a plethora of exotic birds who thrive in rainforest conditions.  Near Iguazú, there is also a world-class bird park with over 150 species to be enjoyed without the restriction of nets, cages or glass screens. As well as being a place for visitors to see exotic birds up close, the park is an important conservation area for endangered birds.


Peninsula Valdés - Though the terrain in this area may appear dry and arid, Peninsula Valdés is something of a mecca for lovers of nature.  Here you will find elephant seals, penguin colonies, sea lions, a wide variety of birds, and colossal southern right whales and  orca whales only a few metres from the beach and much more!  There are accommodation options on the peninsula itself, ensuring that you can spend plenty of time enjoying the fascinating array of animals who live there.


The Andean Region - As if the stunning mountain views were not enough, this region is home to a number of impressive birds, such as condors, vultures, eagles and hawks to name but a few.  There are also many other animals that live in this area, such as a vareity of deer species and the famous "guanaco" - a variety of llama.


Tierra del Fuego and the South - This cold and windy part of Argentina is a picturesque expanse of blue hues and bleak hilltops that stretches to only a stone's throw away from Antarctica.  Though it is perhaps most famous for its penguins, Tierra del Fuego is also home to seals, whales, eagles, the fuegian red fox, and over 200 species of birds.



If you're interested in seeing some of this fascinating wildlife in the spectacular landscapes of Argentina, let us know and we can begin preparing your tour!


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