Culture & Educational Tours in Argentina

Spanish lessons in Buenos AiresSpanish Lessons in Argentina

Learning Spanish in Argentina is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the virbant and sophisticated culture of this unique Latin American country.  We are very flexible in terms of what we can offer, and those who wish to dedicate a significant chunk of their time in Argentina to learning Spanish can do so, while those who would prefer to seamlessly weave their Spanish lessons into a packed itinerary that takes in the many towns, cities and sights of Argentina can have them in different locations along the way.  We can accommodate any level of proficiency, from hardened veteran users of the subjunctive tense looking to add  polish to their grammar, to complete beginners wanting an initial boost.


The Spanish spoken in Argentina is full of character, and is renowned for its distinctive Italian lilt.  There are a number of colloquial expressions that you will undoubtedly pick up during your stay in Argentina, and don't be surprised if you're still calling friends and family che for many months after returning home!


Wine Tasting in Argentina

Vineyard in Mendoza - ArgentinaFor many years Argentina was one of the lesser known wine-producing countries, always in the shadow of wine producing giants such as France and Italy.  In recent years, however, Argentina has emerged as one of the leading producers of top-quality and highly regarded wines, and there is a broad range of flavours to excite any palate.  Argentina's principal wine producing region, Mendoza, is famous for its picturesque mountain scenery - there could not be a better backdrop to your wine tasting experience.


We have a number of different wine tours, some of which focus more on wine tasting at some of Mendoza's most attractive vineyards, others that also place an emphasis on enjoying good local cuisine in front of breathtaking Andean views.  For more information about our wine tours, please visit our dedicated website, Wine Route Tours.


Tango dancing in Buenos Aires - ArgentinaTango Dancing in Argentina

The sensuous tango dance is perhaps the most quintesentially Argentine cultural phenomenon, and its epicentre is in the cobbled streets of Buenos Aires's famous tango neighbourhoods, such as San Telmo and Abasto.  There are many ways of enjoying tango - for those who just want a taste we can include a live tango show with dinner included to any of our itineraries. 


If you're a seasoned tanguero we can take you to some of the best milongas in town, and if you've never danced in your life, we can arrange group or even private tango lessons with some of Argentina's top dancers.  For a more detailed overview of what we can offer, please see the dedicated Tango in Argentina section of our site.