About Argentina | Argentina Guide

Argentina is a land of dramatic contrasts, where lush tropical rainforests slowly give way to brightly coloured desert landscapes, and then to colossal valleys and lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  As well as having such an impressive range of landscapes, Argentina is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the Americas, home to countless sub-cultures and minority languages from both Latin America and Europe, thanks to successive waves of immigrants from different countries in the Old World.


Today, this mixture of cultures and peoples living in such varying environments has turned Argentina into a rich tapestry which can only be fuly appreciated in its entirety.  That is why Tango Tours specialise not only in tours to well-known destinations such as Buenos Aires and Iguazú falls, but to each and every corner of this fascinating country.  On a holiday to Argentina with Tango Tours, you can enjoy the vintage wines of Mendoza with knowledgeable wine conoisseurs, hike across the rugged and barren landscape of Tierra del Fuego in the far south, study Spanish with fully qualified professionals in the town of your choice, or even hurtle down the fresh powder slopes on your snowboard around Bariloche!